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We have created a sacred space within these walls, so each of you have a home within yourselves.

Come breathe, flow, and grow with us. 

Yoga, Coffee, Smoothies, Sound Healing


We offer yoga classes in studio and during the Summer season on Surf Road Beach in Ocean City, New Jersey. Our classes offered include styles that range from Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini and Sound Healing. Our teachers are compassionate souls that share from an authentic space in every class. Daily yoga classes are on our schedule. Workshops and Pop-Up classes will be offered weekly in many modalities and styles. Private individual and group yoga and sound healing sessions are available. The Collective's offerings are to ignite the wellness within your mind, body & soul.  

Yoga, Kundalini, Sound Healing in front of the Salt Wall


Our Himalayan salt wall, halotherapy, has many benefits. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory for skin and respiratory functions, removes pathogens and reduces IgE level. The salt panels release negative ions to counter all the positively charged electronic devices and EMF waves and cleans the air of pollen, dust and microbes.


Enjoy all of our classes and services in the space in front of the salt wall.  

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